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In the Heart of Vieste, Our Story


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In the Heart of Vieste, Our Story

Our suites and apartments, meticulously curated down to the smallest detail, welcome you with comfort and style. We are here to make your stay in Vieste an authentic experience, rich in beauty and relaxation. We eagerly await your arrival at our Relais in the heart of beautiful Vieste!

When heart, history, and beauty merge

Welcome to the charming Al Castello Relais in the heart of the historic center of Vieste. We are a passionate family who has transformed an elegant noble palace into a modern and welcoming vacation home in the most picturesque neighborhood of Vieste. This area, rich in history, is the pride of our city, appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

We are delighted to dedicate ourselves to welcoming our guests who choose Vieste for their summer vacations, offering them a corner of our country where they can experience moments of relaxation and authentic beauty.


Our passion for this unique land is evident in every detail of our vacation home. Vieste, with its long sandy beaches kissed by the sun and the historic center perched on the sea, is our heart. The Gargano, with its untouched nature, is our soul. In every room, every apartment, every corner of our Relais, you can feel the magic of our territory.

We are here to share with our guests the beauty of Vieste and the warmth of the Gargano. Discover with us the love that makes every moment spent in this wonderful land of Puglia special.